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Greg Frazier CPA

Software developer and business solutions architect providing state-of-the-art solutions supporting cloud and mobile technology using .NET technology that integrates with ERP line-of-business (LOB) applications.

ERP & eCommerce Systems


Trusted consultant and advisor to accounting firms, CFOs and CIOs on IT related topics such as migrating ERP applications to the cloud, evaluating application controls supportive of business operations and financial reporting, evaluating third-party service and application solution providers; evaluating SOC reports; providing valuable insight on where the accounting profession is headed and what the profession must do to remain viable.

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Greg Frazier Discusses ...

"Cloud-based accounting systems have replaced desktop and local server accounting systems. This is happening really fast, and my sense is that the rate of transformation - from desktops and local servers to cloud - is exponential now. The biggest drivers of this transformation are the major software vendors."

"Companies like SAP, Microsoft and Intuit are betting the farm on the cloud, joining newcomers to the accounting software business like Intaact and Xero who are 100% cloud-based. I know from experience that Microsoft and Intuit have aggressively pushed their ISVs to maximize their development effort on cloud-based solutions. This push is accomplished through positive incentives like enhanced developer support and enhanced marketing exposure. If you’re a developer not focused on cloud-based solutions, you’re treated like a step-child by large software vendors, and those developers are going the way of the dinosaur."

"But these aggressive tactics alone, implemented by companies like Microsoft and Intuit, are not the only reason their customers are abandoning desktops and server based apps and embracing the frontier of the cloud. Customers are increasingly migrating to the cloud as they come to appreciate the ease of use, and, more importantly, as they gain access to more functional capabilities, access to more applications, and access to more information available through the interconnectedness of cloud-based applications."

Expertise and IT solutions providing his clients a competitive edge

“For my company, he is the Michael Jordan of application developers” – Minda Menor, President of 3Rs Foreign Exchange, LLC.

“Without Greg Frazier, our company would have remained in the Ice Age.” – Michael Parisi, President of Sunroof Express, Inc.

Mr. Frazier provides a broad range of services encompassing functional areas at the intersection of strategy, execution, business and technology.

Past Speaking Engagements

June 6, 2017 Keynote Speaker - Discussed the anatomy of an actual full breach cyber-attack that recently happened to one of my clients, and introduced a new guide for Trust Services Criteria of firms performing attestation services provided by CPAs evaluating the effectiveness of an entity’s cybersecurity risk management operations. Sponsored by the Michigan Association of CPAs, at the Laurel Manor, in Livonia, Michigan.

May 9, 2017 - Discussed the risks of relying on cloud-based service providers for primary and mission critical business operations, as well as the risk of giving them access to sensitive and confidential data, and how SOC reports are used to mitigate these risks. Presentation at the MICPA's annual MEGA Conference sponsored by the Michigan Association of CPAs.

September 19, 2016 – Service Organization Controls (SOC) Reports – What to Look For, What to Expect. Presentation to the State of Michigan Office of the Auditor General on the differences between the SOC 1, SOC 2 and SOC 3 reports, the strengths and weaknesses of the reports, how the reports should be used by auditors, how the reports are misused by both auditors and service providers, what are alternatives to acquire third-party assurance when SOC reports are insufficient.

November 8 – 9, 2013 – Implementing Continuous Auditing Solutions in ERP Applications for Small and Medium Sized Businesses (SMBs). My presentation focused on transactional based continuous audit solutions and how they are a reliable, cost effective alternative to the more traditional time-interval based continuous audit solutions. I also discussed how transactional based continuous audit solutions leverage the functionality of database event triggers. I presented at the 28th World Continuous Auditing & Reporting Symposium sponsored by Rutgers Business School in Newark, New Jersey.

Greg Frazier CPA

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